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DefTextDlg::DefTextDlg Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def AddNewTextToImage
def ChangeBackgroundForm
def ChangeBackgroundStyle
def ChangeFont
def ChangeSizeFont
def ChangeStyleFont
def ChgHeightValue
def ChgPenSize
def ChgPosXValue
def ChgPosYValue
def ChgWidthValue
def ExportToXML
def FirstInit
def ForcePaint
def GetSelectItem
def ImportXML
def onCancel
def onHelp
def plainTextEditChange
def PrepareImage
def RemoveTextFromImage
def resizeEvent
def retranslateUi
def SelectionChangeEvent
def SetBackgroundColor
def SetBold
def SetFontShadowColor
def SetItalic
def SetPenColor
def SetTextBottom
def SetTextCenter
def SetTextColor
def SetTextHAlign
def SetTextJustif
def SetTextLeft
def SetTextRight
def SetTextUp
def SetTextVCenter
def SetUnderline
def SetupInterface
def setupUi

Public Attributes


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Definition at line 402 of file DefTextDlg.py.

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